The Nano Aerosolized Sterilizer (NAS) Cloud System utilizes a proprietary mix of Hydro-Nano water mixed with gold & silver nano particles and disinfecting agents.  


American Premium Water’s Hydro Nano technology delivers particles less than one nanometer in size. The disinfectant and Silver & Gold nano-particles in the NAS Cloud System are administered at these nano levels, enhancing the cleaning properties compared to traditional cleaners.  


The NAS generated fog is able to be used on any surface or any environment, deep cleaning the area without harming its  surroundings, property, or occupants  in any type of setting between 500-750 square feet.

Clair Captures Ultrafine Particles Smaller than 0.1

The effects of breathing in ultrafine particles in the air are well documented, and the effects are certainly not good for you. They have been linked to many different conditions from strokes to heart attacks, in addition to the obvious effects they have on our respiratory system.

Unfortunately, our lungs are incapable of filtering out particles smaller than 2.5μm, meaning we are vulnerable to the effects of ultrafine particles – unless we do something about it. Clair air purifiers have been proven to filter out particles smaller than 0.1μm, which far exceeds the requirement for HEPA filters, which are only rated to filter out particles 0.3μm or larger.[2] But not only does the e2f filter capture ultrafine particles, it also captures airborne viruses. The size of viral particles range from 80nm (0.08μm) to 120nm (1.2μm), which is well within the capabilities of Clair air purifiers to filter out from the air you breathe.

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